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9 Ways for Men to Boost Sexual Stamina



Sexual Health Problem

Are you not lasting as long as you want to, in bed? Want to improve your and your partner’s sexual satisfaction?

Apart from the anxiety about penis size, most men’s second-most pulsing worry is about their sexual stamina. The reason for low staying power can vary. It can be erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, which finally goes down to performance anxiety. Thus, it is essential to know why it is happening to you and what you can do about it.

The Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

Among men, the critical factor influencing performance nervousness is generally the tension between getting and holding an erection for long. That is exactly what erectile dysfunction is – the inability to get and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Many papers have been written on this medical condition. Ever wondered why it happens in the first place?

Always remember that the health of your penis and heart works on the same thing – blood pressure. So, keeping your cardiovascular system in top shape is a must if you want to say goodbye to your dysfunction. While a few minor changes in your lifestyle can ensure this, plenty of men also take occasional refuge in top rated male enhancement pills.

Methods to Improve Sexual Performance

Read the following tips to reduce dysfunction & better your sexual performance naturally:

1. Focus on Foreplay.

Like most men, do you also think that penetration is the defining moment during sex? Well, that is not always true, especially for your partner. There’s no need to stress out on performance anxiety because you can still experience sexual satisfaction and take your women to the heights of pleasure. It just might be an incentive for you to experiment with newer strategies as far as foreplay is concerned.

Sexual experience can improve a lot when more time is invested in foreplay for everyone involved. Several studies opine that women do not climax from intercourse alone. Oral sex, caressing, and kissing are all parts of foreplay.

2. Stay Active.

Reducing sexual dysfunctions and bettering heart conditions go hand in hand. Conditions like high blood pressure, other heart-related diseases, or diabetes can adversely impact the blood flow to the penis. Before taking top rated male enhancement pills, you can engage in regular cardiovascular exercises as one of the most effective natural ways to reduce the chances of sexual dysfunction.

Stay Active

Yes, it’s not just good looks that exercising gives you. It does a lot more, especially in boosting your sexual stamina. Only about thirty minutes of intense workout or climbing two flights of stairs without getting frisky does wonders to improve your libido. Additionally, regular exercise can help you become more confident and benefit your mental health directly & positively impacts sexual function.

3. Manage Anxiety and Stress.

Any form of stress or anxiety can cause your heart rate to rise and consequently your blood pressure. High blood pressure can be killer both in the bedroom and outside. You can certainly reduce the chances of stress in life, if not eradicate it. Excessive tension about your sexual performance can take away the excitement of intimacy and make you feel less engaged in the process. Plus, maintaining an erection becomes a challenge when you are under stress.

Some of the best ways to rid yourself of anxiety include the following:

  • Exercising
  • Meditation
  • Improving sleep cycle
  • Talking to your partner about it which can simultaneously enhance your relationship
  • Spend more time on your preferred hobby
  • Go for therapy

4. Quit smoking.

As mentioned earlier, high blood pressure can cause a considerable amount of damage to your overall sexual performance but, if you’re into smoking, these conditions can get worse. Several studies have concluded that tobacco has many ill effects that can directly reduce your sexual stamina, which includes:

  • Reduced physical endurance
  • Lower libido
  • Low quality in erection

Quit smoking

Moreover, the chances of erectile dysfunction increase with the habit of smoking. If you think of switching to vaping instead, even that won’t help. Studies suggest that nicotine consumption in any format can minimize sexual arousal. So, try to quit smoking out of your lifestyle because it can affect your sexual relationship with your partner.

5. Consider Supplement.

Other than these lifestyle changes, you can also consider taking sexual health supplements. Erecerxyn Review says that it is one of the best testosterone boosters to improve your performance in bed.

Sexual supplements for men are products that are made using natural substances. They are mostly available as pills or caplets. These supplements usually contain herbs or minerals like maca & palmetto and nutrients like amino acids. The intake of this supplement can help you control your orgasms and improve your overall sexual experience.

6. Masturbate.

You might be needing some practice if you find yourself not lasting long enough during sex. While sex in itself proves to be an excellent means of practice, masturbation can also help improve your stay time. However, when you are masturbating to better your sexual performance, go slow. Remember, that is what you want even when you are not alone, i.e., to last longer.

Incorporating the right technique during solo sessions (keeping in mind the objective of longevity) is the key. If you rush your climax while masturbating, in all probabilities, it can cut down on your lasting time even when you are with your beloved.

7. Kick bad habits.

Bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and unhealthy eating can be detrimental to your sexual stamina. Try to change your eating habits if you are into too much junk food. Include fruits and vegetable. While garlic and onions help improve blood circulation, consuming potassium-rich fruits can boost your sexual performance. Adding small portions of food like tuna, avocado, or salmon to your diet enhances your blood flow, and vitamin B-1 (present in kidney beans, peanuts) helps your nervous system signals move quicker.

Kick bad habits

Like smoking, quitting or minimizing alcohol consumption has its benefits in building sexual stamina by reducing:

  • Depression
  • Weight Gain
  • Lower Libido tendencies

8. Switch up your position.

Why does the preference for the sex position vary from one person to the other? It is because we have our anatomical quirks. If you want to enhance your endurance levels inside the bedroom, it is best to try out a less stimulating position. In this way, you can prolong the pleasure time before reaching an orgasm.

9. Practice mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness is not only beneficial when it comes to mental health. It can also be an excellent practice to improve sexual function and your run-time in bed. This form of meditation has become popular among beginners. In this practice, you become more and more aware of the present moment.

If you are looking forward to becoming more engaged during sexual activity, and change all kinds of negative view about sex, try mindfulness-based therapies. It improves man’s ability to address erectile dysfunction by focusing on the current moment. You can also manage unrelated stress with this technique.


Men struggling with this now common issue do not need to worry because they are not alone on this boat. Even the fittest of the lot can encounter sexual dysfunction now and then. If only you remove the embarrassing part of it from your mind, try to talk it out with your partner, and seek treatment, things can become a lot better for you both.

You can go through Erecerxyn Review to better understand its benefits. Also, trying the lifestyle-changing tips, as mentioned above, can be useful for your overall sexual health.

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